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Join the Inner Circle by Medina Pullings at the Jesus Girl Summit. In the Inner Circle, we are focused on three key pillars: Christ, Community, and Connections. We are ministry movers and kingdom financiers dedicated to advancing the Gospel and making a lasting impact in the world. Elevate your experience, unlock new levels of spiritual growth, and embrace the fullness of God's blessings.


+ Exclusive Inner Circle Lounge: Retreat to a dedicated space where you can relax, connect with fellow Inner Circle members, and enjoy a moment of peace and reflection amidst the summit activities.

+ Reserved Inner Circle Seating: Take your seat in a prime location, ensuring an up-close and personal experience with every session, worship moment, and speaker presentation.

+ Reserved Private Entrance: Enjoy the convenience of a private entrance,  allowing you to bypass the lines and enter the summit easily.

+ Meet & Greet Event with Dr. Medina: Get an opportunity to meet Dr. Medina personally and engage in an exclusive meet-and-greet event. It's a chance to share a conversation, receive personal insights, and experience the warmth and wisdom of Medina firsthand.

+ Special Gift: As a token of our appreciation for being part of the Inner Circle, you'll receive a special gift carefully selected to bless and uplift you on your spiritual journey.

Conference T-Shirt

Access to Sessions & Panels



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