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  • LaTrice Ryan is an author, community leader, and evangelist known by many for her passion and fiery deliverance of the word of God. She is a powerhouse in the pulpit, and in her community encouraging people to discover the potential within.

  • Recognizing the need for access to quality resources she launched LaTrice Ryan Ministries to equip individuals with the life skills they need to thrive in their everyday endeavors. LaTrice takes a holistic approach in her ministry, ensuring that those she comes in contact with not only grow in Christ, but also prosper physically, financially, and psychologically. Her initiatives Live Through It, Pretty In Pink, and Unshakable Faith are a testament to her dedication to serving others and her commitment to walking in her divine purpose.

  • LaTrice is an encourager at heart, and uses her own experiences, triumphs, and challenges to lead those in her presence closer to their purpose. Driven by an enduring faith and dedication to seeing lives changed through Christ, she engages those around her with insightful messages and practical guidance on creating the life God has for them.

  • Persistence and passion are just in her nature. LaTrice commits to excellence in everything she does. She in on the board of directors for Rise Up Single Moms. She is known to command a room and will push you to evolve further than you ever imagined.

  • In addition to her commitment to serving God’s people through evangelism, LaTrice is a devoted wife, Mother, and grandmother striving to positively impact the lives of generations to come. Evangelist LaTrice Ryan is available for events, speaking engagements and more.

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