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This year's Jesus Girl Teen Summit is All New as our teens
get Illuminated on a higher level! Experience teachings on wealth, self-awareness, life skills, purpose and so much more that will give you the building blocks to your next level.
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10:00AM – 2:00PM


10:00AM – 2:00PM


Illuminate Her Mind
Learn how to transform your mind, develop coping strategies, and elevate yourself to a new you. Led by a licensed professional, renew your mind to illuminate the thoughts and plans that God has for you.


Illuminate Her
Heighten your awareness and appreciation of etiquette in various arenas including style, networking, and more. Dive into the world of glitz and glamour to illuminate your confidence in who you are!

Illuminate Her Wealth
Its never to early to start financial planning. This session aims to illuminate how you can develop your wealth.

Illuminate Her Influence
Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat all have one thing in common—INFLUENCE! Learn how to appropriately interact using any social media network and in person interactions.

Illuminate Her Excellence
There is a leader in you! Bring forth the effective habits, traits, standards, and principles necessary to operate in excellence.


Illuminate Her Purpose
Do you know why you were created? Let us help you light your pathway to determining your God given purpose.

Chat and Chew
Led by a panel of working professionals from all walks of life, teens are given the opportunity to ask questions and receive advice on the next steps to become Illuminated!


I Illuminate!
Taking each session, teens will reflect and be given the opportunity to summarize and work through the information to become ILLUMINATED.


Floral Chic Tea!
These days the lines of socially acceptable and unacceptable behavior are blurred. During Floral Chic tea, our ladies will develop a strong foundation in proper etiquette to last a lifetime. Come dressed in your best English Rose
attire including ruffles, bows, and beautiful floral prints fit for a queen. Having plain old good manners never goes out of style!



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